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Tips & Tricks To Get Your Boat Ready For Winter

Closing out the Northeast 2020 boating season. This has certainly been a boating season akin to no other. During this time boating has served as an outlet for many of us to relax, destress, and escape reality for a few hours. Now that the boating season is drawing to...

The KellyBoat Process

A relaxing day on the water aboard a luxury yacht charter is within your reach. Charter a yacht in Nantucket, the Hamptons, or any of KellyBoat's fourteen Northeast ports.  How Do I Charter a Yacht in Nantucket or Another KellyBoat Port? 1. Look through our...

Feature: SEABOB Edition America

Our partner SEABOB has announced that for every SEABOB Edition America F5, F5S and F5SR purchased a portion of the sale will be donated to one of three charities of your choosing.

2020 Boating Season Update

At this point in late spring, boating is top of mind, and this year more than ever, we are anxiously awaiting a return to our usual activities on the water. As promised, we would like to share the most recent update from our home state of Massachusetts regarding the...

5 Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Boat Against COVID19

Similar to most areas in your home COVID-19 can linger on your boat’s surfaces for up to five days. Therefore, many of the same disinfecting practices you use in the home can be used to clean your boat. Since most boats include a variety of mixed materials, we thought we’d compile this helpful guide to cleaning your boat!

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