We understand what your boat means to you.  You have a gorgeous vessel, you keep it well-maintained and would go to great lengths to protect it.  If you’re like most owners, you struggle to justify the expenses she generates while you use her less than you would like.

KellyBoat can help you put her to work on the days she would otherwise be sitting idle at the dock.


Safe for you, safe for your boat, and safe for guests. We are the only boat-sharing platform partnered with Gowrie Group, the leading independent marine insurance agency. We always ensure your boat is in the hands of an experienced, trusted operator. Each KellyBoat trip is always under the care of a USCG captain – no inexperienced operators allowed. You, and the guests, can relax.


Avoid the complications that arise from lack of use. Just like regular exercise is good for your health, regular use is good for your vessel. She was born to run, and needs to run to run well.


Cover upkeep expenses such as slip costs, maintenance and repairs, and insurance, with the money you earn from guests.


Show her off! On the days you can’t be aboard, it’s great to know your vessel is being appreciated and admired.


If your boat is for sale, or are you considering selling, our program can get you noticed by our boating enthusiast followers. It is a great opportunity for potential buyers to experience the vessel for themselves. Each guest could be the next owner!

With KellyBoat you earn returns on your asset while qualified guests experience your boat in all of its glory! For more information regarding our boat sharing program, reach out to the KellyBoat team at ksl@kellyboat.com or 508. 901. 9664.






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