Your boat was born to run.

We know how you feel about your yacht and the level of care she deserves. We are lifelong boaters, sailors and anglers, with experience in all aspects of caring for and piloting motor and sail vessels.

The most common themes across all causes of boating accidents are operator inexperience, and inattention. That scares us, too. So, at KellyBoat, only a licensed USCG captain will take the helm, never an inexperienced operator. Safety comes first for you, and everyone you bring aboard. That’s why we partnered with the #1 provider of marine insurance to review and custom design coverage for each boat that joins our program.

With KellyBoat, you are in charge even when you are not aboard. You set all the rules and limits. You determine when your vessel is available, and to whom. When we find a guest that matches your criteria, we again review your rules as we accompany them to meet your boat.

At KellyBoat, your boat is always in ship shape.

Your boat needs regular exercise.

We know that you can’t be on board as much as you would like.  You are not alone: the average owner uses their boat less than 20 days a year. To have your finely engineered craft run well, it needs to run regularly.  Trusting your yacht to our program will ensure that it’s being run safely when you can’t, and it’s ready to go when you are.

You’ve made wise decisions to get you to where you are now. With KellyBoat, your underused asset becomes a source of income, like all of your investments. Monetizing your investment is a smart decision, helping you justify and offset the ownership costs associated with the considerable investment you have made in your boat.

It’s simply good business for you, and for your boat.

Placing your boat in our care is a commitment we take seriously.

The safety and well being of your yacht and all those aboard is our primary concern.  It starts with our partner insurance provider analyzing your yachts coverage needs for the specific use you dictate. They will recommend a best in class insurance policy to protect you, your vessel, and any guests that come aboard.

Safe. Secure. Fully covered.

We partner with the Gowrie Group to provided the most robust marine insurance coverage in the industry. With KellyBoat, your boat is safe and secure.

For an insurance review and consultation:

Please contact Mark Gargula at or call 860.399.3677.

Or submit the below form to include:

Year, make, model, length.  Please email a copy of your current yacht insurance policy’s declaration page to

Insurance: Your vessel is safe with us.

The safety, protection, and well-being of your yacht and all those aboard is our primary concern. Thats why we picked Gowrie Group, the leading independent marine insurance agency, to analyze your yacht insurance coverage. They will work with you to modify your current coverage if needed, or recommend a new, best-in-class insurance solution to protect you, your vessel, and any guests that come aboard.

Minimum Insurance Requirements for Owners in the KellyBoat Program:

  • Hull insurance equal to current value of yacht
  • Protection & Indemnity (liability) of $2,000,000 or greater
  • Policy has “Charter Coverage”
  • Crew Coverage (Jones Act) for captain and any paid crew members

Make your boat an asset even when you’re not using it.

Even when we’re not using our boats, they still require attention and continue to generate costs.  Maintenance and slip fees don’t stop just because our boats are sitting at the dock. 

The solution is KellyBoat.

We find qualified water enthusiasts to be your guest for a day when you can’t be there to enjoy her yourself, generating returns for you, exercise for your boat, and awe for guests.

Peach of mind assured.

Chartering your boat is a great financial decision, but it requires a thorough understanding of the regulations therin. KellyBoat does what the other guys don’t.

*We are up to date on the latest trends, rules and regulations to provide you with the information you need to ensure your boat doesn’t run afoul of any regulations.

With KellyBoat, your prized possession is in capable, reliable hands while you earn income to offset the costs of ownership.

    Common questions

    • Is my boat allowed to take 8 passengers? 
    • What if my boat is foreign registered? 
    • Do I need to have a coast guard inspection?

    Looking for more?

    Our partner the Gowrie Group is the best in the business, and we can help direct you to the answers you need for the peace of mind you deserve before your boat heads to sea.

    *The advice contained here is general information, not legal advice, and should not be taken as such.  This is not a substitute for consulting with your marine insurance, maritime law professional or other expert.

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