The average boat sits idle for 73% of the year.

Don't Be Average.

See returns on your investment with KellyBoat.

Costs add up quickly when you own a boat. Maintenance, dockage, insurance. Joining the KellyBoat fleet means you offset those costs, and earn a return on your investment.

You’ve made wise decisions to get you to where you are now. With KellyBoat, your underused asset becomes a source of income, like all of your investments. 

It’s simply good business for you, and for your boat.

Safety comes first with us.

KellyBoat was started with the boat owner in mind. Safety is our priority: safety for boats, their owners and guests. Founder Kelly Lyden’s legal training and experience informed all decisions regarding this principle. She has met with top officials of the USCG to ensure compliance with all state, local and national regulations. An exhaustive search through all available insurance coverage options culminated in a partnership with Gowrie Group Insurance, a trusted leader with deep expertise in all things related to the marine insurance industry. Gowrie reviews not only each boat, but each captain to be sure everything is set before a trip goes to sea.

Kelly’s family has owned, operated, and crewed more than a dozen boats, and chartered boats in Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. They keep abreast of changes in the industry through research, attending conferences and shows, and through many associates across the boating industry.

We will never take chances with your vessel.

Meet our Fleet.

With new boats joining every week we’ve assembled one of the most diverse luxury charter boat fleets in the North East.


The KellyBoat Promise: Safe. Secure. Fully Insured.


Placing your boat in our care is a commitment we take seriously. The safety and well being of your yacht and all those aboard is our primary concern. It starts with our partner insurance provider the Gowrie Group analyzing your yachts coverage needs for the specific use you dictate. They will recommend a best-in-class insurance policy to protect you, your vessel, and any guests that come aboard.

Start monetizing your prized asset today.

Safe. Secure. Fully covered.

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