KellyBoat: Sharing our family boating tradition in New England with you.

Hi, I’m Kelly Shea Lyden.

I come from a family and neighborhood chock full of boaters on Cape Cod.  My Dad had boats since before any of us were born, and each neighbor on our small street was also a boating family.  Anglers, sailors, yachtsmen, and casual day boaters, we had them all.

A sailing family tradition

My summer mornings were spent with my four brothers, running a downeast lobster fishing vessel.  We set the traps at the beginning of the season and spent the summer being out on the water by 5:00 am.  

We ran the boat in great weather, and in rain, cold and fog, pulled the traps by hand, baited them with mackerel, banded and tanked the lobsters and sold them to local stores.  I have a ton of admiration for those that perform this incredibly difficult work!   

A magical and lucky childhood.

We also had some fun with our parents and neighbors.  Each weekend, someone would choose a destination for Saturday and another for Sunday, where we would raft together, and spend the afternoon swimming, fishing, eating lunch and enjoying the sun.  But, we had to earn that privilege.  

Mondays were for cleaning the boats after their busy weekend excursions: we washed and dried the fiberglass and windows, polished chrome, stripped and oiled teak, and scrubbed growth on the hull when necessary. Fridays were for prepping them for the weekend.  We turned over the engines and took them for short runs, tested batteries and generators, filled gas tanks, water tanks, checked and cleared the props, and repaired whatever needed attention.

As we grew up, we all maintained our love of boating.  One of us even became a licensed captain (look for Captain Joe on the Captains page).  We are now so happy to bring this wonderful experience to you. 

Welcome to our family. 

From our family to yours,

welcome to KellyBoat!