Meet the 2014 Zeelander Z44

Based out of Fort Meyers, FL, shes available to bring to local destinations such as Naples, Captiva, and other destinations, the Zeelander Z44 can bring you there in comfort and style. Whether you prefer to drop the anchor and swim, do a sunset cruise, or do a dock and dine, the Zeelander Z44 is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Zeelander yachts are high-class luxury yachts, assembled in the Netherlands.  Each boat is crafted to be a true work of art, establishing itself as both beautiful and functional. Owners praise the Zeelander yachts to be a comfortable ride, while also acting as a collector’s piece.  The engine is quiet, allowing your senses to truly be indulged in the sea and wind, rather than focusing on machinery.

Ready for adventure…

Our Zeelander 44 comes equipped with plenty of fridge space, an ice maker, and a freezer.  Yeti coolers are also available upon request to keep your food and beverages extra chilly.  An air conditioning system aboard allows you to stay cool, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Book your adventure on the Zeelander Z44 today!

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