Have you ever noticed that once you’re out at sea, you just feel more…calm?  Relaxed?  At ease?

Would it surprise you to know there are health benefits to your time on the ocean?

Proximity to the water has been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of being calm.  One marine biologist, Dr. Wallace J Nichols, has even coined a term for it: “blue mind.”  He’s not the only one:  multiple studies confirm that the closer proximity you have to the ocean, the more present and calm you’re likely to be. 

With easy access to multiple boats out of different ports, KellyBoat makes it easy to achieve a day out at sea. You’ll feel safe in the hands of our USCG captains.

While living on the coast line may not be your current situation, you can change your mindset by spending time out at sea.  Here at KellyBoat, we can make your dream into reality when you book with us.

Your unforgettable day on the water awaits- what are you waiting for? Reach out to the KellyBoat team at ksl@kellyboat.com or 508. 901. 9664.

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