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About Kelly Boat

KellyBoat is passionate about providing a one-of-a-kind experience at sea for everyone,

while helping individuals leverage their assets.

Our Purpose

KellyBoat is the safest way for yacht owners to monetize their boating assets by offering it to boating enthusiasts for the day. Founded by friends with a long  time New England maritime heritage, we are passionate about sharing our love of the  ocean with everyone. 


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The KellyBoat Solution

Maintaining a boat is expensive. The average  boat owner uses their boat less than 10 days  a year, and not running your boat on a regular  basis is terrible for the long term well being  of a boat. Our program allows boats to be  run by USCG captains with paying guests. An  owner can offset some of the ownership costs,  while their boat is run at times when it would  otherwise sit idle. It’s a win/win for the owner, while granting access to boating to those who  do not own one themselves.  

Many consumers today want to have certain experiences, without the hassles of ownership. Collaborative consumption has made it’s way into vacation homes, cars, even RVs and now  boats. While boat sharing has made it way into  Florida, it has yet to take a strong hold in New  England.  

We bring these two customers together: boat owners who need to have their boat run when they can’t do so themselves, and guests who want to use these boats.

We are the only New England born and focused boat sharing platform. We focus on safety, by offering only USCG captain run trips, and  through our partnership with Gowrie Insurance who creates custom policies for each boat that  enters the program. 

The KellyBoat Advantage

KellyBoat is the only New England born luxury yacht sharing platform.


From listing your yacht on the platform or requesting to book a boat to an unforgettable experince on the water Kelly Lyden and the team at KellyBoat is here to cater to your needs. Kelly’s cell number can be found on our contact page.


All KellyBoat trips are run by USCG certifed  captains to ensure the saftey of our guests and our owners assets. KellyBoat is the only P2P yacht rental service which offers custom insurance policies curtosey of Gowrie Insurance for every yach listed. 


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Full Day: $14,200  |  Half Day: $10,650


Full Day: $3,300  |  Half Day: $1,800


Full Day: $2,500  |  Half Day: $1,500

Kelly Lyden

Meet Kelly!

KellyBoat was founded by Kelly Lyden who grew up spending as much time as possible on the water in New England. Kelly ran and crewed a variety of motor vessels, including working  aboard a lobster fishing boat. Kelly has a law and insurance background, and is focused on delivering a safe and personal experience to everyone engaging the program. For Kelly, KellyBoat is a family affair. Her brother, Joe is even part of the KellyBoat crew as a captain. Kelly has also brought in advisors with experience in the boating world, media, and business to ensure that both owner ans guests alike have an unforgettable experince with KellyBoat.

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