How it works

We provide a seamless, concierge-level of service to onboard your boat into the KellyBoat program with minimal friction and maximum value to you.


Fill out an application to join our fleet. Once you apply one of our KellyBoat fleet specialists will reach out to you directly.


Complete a complimentary review of your marine insurance policy to guarantee complete safety and protection. This is required to protect you, your vessel, and your guests.


Once the vessel is approved and insurance ok’d, our team will launch your custom KellyBoat listing page with available dates and details according to your preferences


Once a KellyBoat Guest requests your boat for a trip, we will reach out to you for the final sign off before the booking is confirmed


Once a trip is complete, you will receive payment for your share of the booking. Our payment processing is fast, easy and secure.

Our boating family

As a multi-generational family of boaters, we take great pride in sharing our love for and expertise in motor and sail vessels. We love boats and will treat yours with the level of care she deserves. Read more about our story here.

Safety First

The top two contributors to boating accidents in 2016 were operator inattention and inexperience. (Statistical, 2017) Yep: that scares us, too. So, at KellyBoat only you or a fully licensed USCG captain will take the helm, never an inexperienced operator. Learn more about our marine insurance here.

You’re the boss

You determine when your yacht is available: whether it’s once mid-week so it’s ready to go when you want to take her out, or you decide to offer it more frequently, you are in charge, even when you are not aboard.

Make your boat an asset, even when you’re not using it. 

Start seeing returns on your investment with KellyBoat.

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