The Current Situation

Unfortunately, the last few weeks have taught us that COVID-19 does not quit. Despite our urges to return to normal life, and normal summer vacation activities, reality does not allow. As caring members of our community, we must try to maintain social distancing whenever possible. Yet, many of us strive for our usual summer relaxation, that is where a KellyBoat luxury yacht charter comes in.

Why Choose a KellyBoat Luxury Yacht Charter?

On your luxury yacht charter with KellyBoat, it is easy to maintain social distancing. Only your guests and a captain will be aboard. With luxury yachts as large as 100ft it will be easy to stay six feet away from any captain or crewmember. Furthermore, all luxury yachts in the KellyBoat fleet are required to maintain a high standard of cleanliness, so rest assured you will be safe on your journey. Aboard a KellyBoat luxury yacht charter, there will be no surprises, simply safe bliss and relaxation on the water. 

What a KellyBoat Luxury Yacht Charter Offers

KellyBoat luxury yacht charters allow for a variety of activities on and off the water. From fishing to paddle boarding, to journeys to new and exciting ports (or beaches) and everything in between. A KellyBoat luxury yacht charter as something from everyone. So what are you waiting for? You could be enjoying a relaxing luxury yacht charter away from the stress of Zoom calls and social distancing today. Book your half or full-day luxury yacht charter from our scenic home port Nantucket, or one of our fourteen other destinations throughout the Northeast!

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