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Each trip with KellyBoat is under the care of a USCG captain, period. No inexperienced operators allowed. And, having a captain runt he ship means there is a caring pair of eyes looking out for your yacht.


Keep captain and crew busy and engaged. Long idle periods aren’t good for your crew, either! A happy crew is a good crew. With regular trips, your crew will be engaged in regularly servicing the yacht, and earning extra income via tips.


It’s a great feeling to share the beautiful things you own. Your yacht is no different! On the days you can’t be aboard, it feels wonderful to know that other people are appreciating her, especially when otherwise the boat may be idle for long periods.


Seldom used yachts will have more maintenance issues. She was made to run! Just like exercise is good for your health, regular running is good for your yacht. It also means minor issues are found and dealt with before you head out.


Is your boat for sale, or are you considering selling? If so, this is an excellent way to get it noticed, and experienced, by potential buyers! 


Speak to your accountant about the specifics, but there can be significant tax benefits associated with putting a boat into a share program.


Income you make can offset regular expenses such as dockage, routine maintenance, and insurance. Depending on the amount of time you make her available, it can cover 30-70% of your operating expenses.

New to sharing?

Sharing underused assets is not new. For years people have been sharing their assets in a P2P (peer to peer) programs. Cars (Turo) RVs (Outdoorsy), rooms, and even entire houses (AirBnB, VRBO), are shared by savvy owners who rent them for a few hours, a day, or a week.

The concept is now alive in yachts and boats. Boat owners can make returns on the many days they can’t themselves use them. When the boat would otherwise sit at the dock, the owner now can earn returns.

There are other P2P services out there, and we have researched them all. From there, we created the safest and best boat sharing platform for owners.

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