Closing out the Northeast 2020 boating season.

This has certainly been a boating season akin to no other. During this time boating has served as an outlet for many of us to relax, destress, and escape reality for a few hours. Now that the boating season is drawing to a close in the Northeast the KellyBoat crew would like to share some tips, tricks, and advice about how to have a hassle-free end of the season for storing your boat this winter.

1. Do Your Research

Finding a reliable and knowledgable marina for winter storage is one of the most difficult, yet important tasks in boating. We like Safe Harbor Marinas for their convenient locations throughout America. Make sure to shop around, and speak with representatives from a variety of winter boat storage locations to find the business to best suit you and your boat.

2. Location, Location, Location

Remember: Where you leave your boat for winterization is where you will need to travel to get it back on to the water next season. Make sure to take into account ease of access by vehicle or public transport, especially with COVID-19 restrictions. The further away you are from your boat the more time you will need to schedule, and more planning you will need to retrieve it from storage.

3. Leave Her Clean

Remember when you take her out of storage you will be itching to get back on the water. You do not want to be stuck vacuuming carpets or cleaning heads that could have been done at the end of the season. For tips and tricks on how to clean your boat during COVID-19 click here.

4. Know Your Options

Although boating in the Northeast may be drawing to a close, many members of our fleet move their yachts to southern ports, which means there are plenty of KellyBoats ready for you to book in Florida this winter! Book this Viking 48 out of Palm Beach today or click here to view other yachts ready for your unforgettable day on the water.

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