Ten years ago, the idea of renting your house, or a room in your home online was crazy.  Now, companies like VRBO and Airbnb have innovated the hospitality industry allowing smart homeowners around the world to list their properties when they aren’t using them. This trend has grown beyond homes to everything from bikes to cars…and now boats.

The P2P marketplace is built on a simple concept: expensive things that you own can sit idle, or they can be put to work earning you money.  The average boat owner uses their boat less than 10% of the total time it is in the water – in use or not, the costs associated with boat ownership continue to add up to a hefty annual expense. That’s where we come in.  

There are many companies who are happy to add any and every boat to their website and quickly start booking trips with anyone willing to pay. KellyBoat is different, we love boats, and will treat yours with the level of care she deserves. We keep you, the owner comfortable and in control of how and when your boat is enjoyed by our qualified guests – that is the KellyBoat promise.

We put boat owners first, allowing us to create a safe and easy booking experience for owners and guests alike. As a boat owner, you get to control the online listing of your boat by uploading photos, writing a description and setting prices.  You make it available only when you want to, and unlike with some charter ownership programs, there are no rules about how often it has to be available.

You are the boss here. Once you join the KellyBoat fleet, we will have someone from our insurance partner Gowrie Group contact you, and they will help make sure that you, your boat and all guests are fully protected and safe.  Once your listing is live on our website, guests who are interested in the boat send a request for a half day, full day, or multi-day trip.  If you accept their booking request, you will then paid through our safe and secure payment portal.

Just like you, your boat is healthier with regular exercise. In the hands of a USCG captain (a requirement for all KellyBoat captains), a regularly used boat will be better maintained than those left idle for long periods.

As the sharing economy grows, yacht sharing will, too.  It’s good business for you, and for your boat.