This Azimut, is a true jewel in the KellyBoat fleet. Boasting elegant luxury from its hull to cockpit, a day aboard is sure not to be forgotten. The KellyBoat crew loves her pale blue paint job, and her elegant tan leather finishings. We also cannot get enough of the sunbeds which can be found on the front of the vessel, offering the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

Equipped with surround sound speakers, a full galley, and three cabins the Azimut is built for your comfort. However, she is also equipped with two 1360 HP engines to provide a thrilling day on the water. To learn more about the Azimut click here

Azimut is a premium Italian yacht maker, with a long history of quality and luxury. Today they are innovators at the forefront on yacht design and production worldwide. Over the last few decades Azumit has grown from a small-time producer of small yachts to producing a wide range of vessels, including mega yachts up to 125 feet. To learn more about Azuimt and their history click here

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