Founded in 2008, Airbnb has certainly made a name for itself. Providing  diverse lodging options for travelers worldwide, Airbnb is a great solution for travelers everywhere. What’s the secret behind their success? Geographical access everywhere, ease of booking, and variety of homes to choose from. Anyone can book a great vacation spot and feel like it’s their home for the stay. Airbnb’s model invites owners with an open room or free space to host guests. The uniqueness of Airbnb allows guests to choose from all types of accommodations depending on their preference, from condo and apartments to inns and castles.

KellyBoat runs a similar business model, catering to those who are looking to spend a day on the water, but don’t own a boat. We like to emphasize, “you don’t have to be a millionaire to spend the day on a millionaire’s boat.” KellyBoat allows guests to spend a day on a luxury boat, without the hassle or responsibility that comes with boat ownership.

Much in the same way that Airbnb offers unique types of dwellings, KellyBoat offers a variety of luxury boats to guests. Our fleet includes sailboats, motor yachts, speedboats, day cruisers, and more. Our pricing offers both ½ day and full day packages, accommodating the needs and desires of our guests. We offer concierge-level services, making the entire process, from booking a boat through the duration of your charter, seamless and easy. KellyBoat provides USCG certified captains with charters to ensure your day is spectacular and worry-free. Imagine spending the day with friends and family cruising Nantucket or fishing off Cape Cod. KellyBoat can makes it happen! Stop dreaming about getting out on the water and Book a Boat today!

Are you a boat owner? KellyBoat encourages you to join our fleet! Why leave your boat sitting idle when it can be earning you money! Read more about monetizing the cost of boat ownership.

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