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Mention KellyBoat, sell more boats, earn more clients.

Sell Your Boat – The KellyBoat Way

Brokerage clients get anxious as their boat listing lingers on. KellyBoat can earn your clients a return on their investment while introducing their boat to a new group of boating enthusiasts who are potential buyers. What a great way to look out for your clients’ best interests. Even if they decide not to join, your clients will appreciate your insider knowledge and sensitivity to their financial needs.

Looking to sell your boat privately? We can help. Adding your boat to the KellyBoat fleet will allow prospective buyers to test her out on the open water in safe, supervised environment – all controlled by you and your crew! Let KellyBoat take the guess work out of selling your current yacht – contact us today!

KellyBoat Expands Your Brokerage

When your client joins our rental program, your brokerage benefits as well. Here’s how it works:

  • Using our proprietary algorithm and marketing channels established by a team with years of success, we draw new clients to the listed boat and to your brokerage.
  • Each booking creates revenue for your client and brings activity to your sales office.
  • The charter guests become your new client for this or other boats in your inventory.

KellyBoat offers generous referral fees to brokers once a clients boat enters and take a trip with KellyBoat


When you partner with KellyBoat as a brokerage, you will add tremendous value for your clients that will distinguish you in the field and earn their trust.

Close the sale

Your partnership with KellyBoat can help you close the sale by offering the program to new prospects as an added incentive to monetize their new asset and offset the costs of ownership.


We’re so confident in our brokerage partnership program and the value it can provide to your clients that we encourage you to pitch the idea to at least one. Be ready for big smiles.

Welcome to KellyBoat!

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